re(invent) yourself
all are welcome * donation-based programs

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re(invent) yourself
all are welcome * donation-based programs

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Upcoming Events

Movement Intelligence Training & 200-hour Yoga/Healing Touch & 300-hour Advanced Yoga Teacher Training are all posted!  Join the fun, watch yourself transform with ease, and set the world on fire with love and ease!

Movement Intelligence / Feldenkrais Method on Tuesdays & Thursdays at 11 am for a $10 donation!

Yoga for Men & Yoga for Women . . . gentle movement for change!

Happy 7th Birthday, VITALITY!  Check out our story & relish the goodness of these graduates who completed their journeyin Oct 2018: our 9th Yoga/Healing Touch Internship Graduates!

Sweet Lady J . . . join the discovery of what this incredible woman was doing around a campfire 3000 years ago that gave birth to three religions, nonviolence, and neuroplasticity! $20 donation to VITALITY includes shipping!

Quick reflections from VITALITY's Yoga/Healing Touch Interns about their learnings at VITALITY's workshops!

Movement Intelligence - try a one-on-one session for $20 at your work-place!

Healing Touch - try a session for $10!

Shout out to Sept & Oct Grads of the Months - Peg Conway & Sandra Waits!

WE are VITALITY!  Calm, strong,! 

You can help us by connecting your Kroger Plus Card to VITALITY . . . and still get your usual discounts and gas-rewards at Kroger. Or shop at Amazon through Amazon Smile.  Click here to find out how easy it is! 

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