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Upcoming Events

Announcing our 9th Yoga/Healing Touch Internship!  You can help us fund it by clicking here!

Becky Morrissey joins us again for Trauma Sensitive Yoga!  Check it out!

Farewell to Winter, with Ron Esposito & Crystal Judge -- Sunday, March 19 at ECOnsciously!  Join us!  Save the date for May 12 too!

Breath Series with Mary Schoen!  Join us!

And Ignatian Yoga Retreat too!

Yoga for Men & Yoga for Women . . . gentle movement for change!

WE are VITALITY!  Calm, quiet,! 

You can help us by connecting your Kroger Plus Card to VITALITY . . . and still get your usual discounts and gas-rewards at Kroger.  Click here to find out how!   

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